North Carolina General Assembly Meeting on June 8, 2015

by GunControlToday

In support of Moms Demand Action and Moms Rising, I went to Raleigh on June 8, 2015 to attend the legislative meeting where the legislators were to vote on NC HB 562.  A bill which would eliminate the requirement for background checks for hand guns at gun fairs and on the internet.   There were over 100 concerned people there actively demonstrating their opposition to this bill.  We completely filled the balcony section of the legislative hall ( see pictures below).  A motion was made to return the bill to committee due to all of the changes that were still taking place with this bill.  No legislator opposed this motion and the bill was sent back to committee.  Sara Green, the head of NC Moms Demand Action, indicated this was a significant development for those promoting gun violence prevention.  She stated that 5 years ago this bill would have just flown through the legislators and been passed immediately.  This indicates that our efforts are having an effect and we need to maintain our push to contact legislators, sheriffs and school personnel to oppose passage of HB 562.  She also encouraged us to contact supporters in the legislature and thank them for their stand for gun violence prevention.  Sara indicated that a successful blockage of this type of legislation in North Carolina would have ripple effects throughout the country.

After the legislative session was over reprsentatives Verta Insko, Pricey Harrison and Ed Hanes joined our group and gave words of encouragement and suggestions.  All of those present sent thank you e-mails to different representatives supporting the defeat of this bill.

This was an inspirational event for me and I suggest everyone attend at least one005 018 019 021 022 023 012 such session to see how the government really works and to experience the motivation of others who are effectively working to prevent gun violence.  We are the majority and we need to let our voices be heard.