Wear Orange Day on June 2, 2015

by Guncontroltoday

To support the Moms Demand Action group of North Carolina, Judy and I went to Raleigh, NC on June 2 to rally with this group and promote the defeat of North Carolina House Bill 562.  Wearing our orange shirts we went to select representatives offices and delivered a petition with 3000 signatures asking these representatives to not support HB 562.  This bill would eliminate the need for background checks for internet and gun fair sales of handguns in North Carolina which is currently a state requirement.  It was encouraging to see all of the people in the Genreal Assembly building who wore orange in support of this effort – orange dresses, scarves, ties, shirts and blouses.  Many of the legislators do understand the importance of background checks which are supported by 90% of North Carolinians, even those who own guns.

It was rewarding to meet some of the most active Moms Demand Action representatives from North Carolina – Sara, Christy, Kim, Allie and Kareen.  These promoters of gun violence prevention are very impressive.  They speak well, understand the issues involved and are actively seeking a positive change in our society.  It was an honor and privilege to work with them and to try and make a difference.  See pictures below of the rally.002 008 010 014 003 001

Let your voice be heard!  It will make a difference.