North Carolina HB 562 Contact List

by Guncontroltoday

Thanks to the MomsRising .org group I was able to obtain a copy of some of the important representatives on the North Carolina legislature.  These names, titles and phone numbers are listed below for your reference.  This afternoon I called each of them to encourage them to oppose HB 562.  Please do the same to keep North Carolina a safer place.

Speaker Tim Moore at 9197333451

Speaker Pro Temp Paul Stam at 9197332962

Senior Approp. Chair Rep. Nelson Dollar at 9197150795

Chair Linda Johnson at 9197335861

Chair Donny Lambeth at 9197335747

Chair Chuck McGrady at 9197335956

Just tell them your name and say you are calling to ask them to oppose House Bill 562.  This bill would negatively affect the permitting process.  The background checks currently in place is supported by 90% of North Carolinians.  Please do not make our state less safe.  Thank you.

Let your voice be heard!  Thank you for speaking out and standing up for a safer North Carolina.