Good News on HB 562

by GunControlToday

On Wednesday morning North Carolina State Rep. Jacqueline Schafer, R. Mecklenburg, pulled house bill 562 from a scheduled committee hearing.  HB 562 would have repealed the requirement for a state criminal background check for private handgun sales in North Carolina.  Mounting opposition to this bill has certainly helped to postpone any action on it.  Over 80% of residence in North Carolina do not want to see the repeal of the current laws on background checks according to one survey.  It does make a difference.  Many thanks to the efforts of the Moms Demand Action group and the Brady Campaign for their efforts to oppose this bill.   Yesterday we sent a donation to Moms Demand Action to help them in their fight for gun safety. Please support these groups as much as you can.  They are having a positive impact on gun violence prevention.

And most importantly – Let your voice be heard!!  It is making a difference.