Encouraging Legislators to Support Background Checks

by Guncontroltoday

North Carolina has had a fairly good set of laws for background checks for handgun purchases.  The North Carolina legislators are currently discussing HB 562 which is a bill to eliminate the Brady background checks for handgun purchases at gun shows and online.  Having been informed of this potential action by the Brady Campaign, I placed a call to Rick Caitlin’s office and requested that he oppose this legislation.  I urge all residents of North Carolina to do the same to prevent this type of dangerous legislation from moving forward and becoming law.  Call 18557821436 and ask for your representative and state your name, that you are a North Carolina resident and ask them to oppose bill 562. Background checks are a proven way to prevent those who should not possess guns from obtaining them.  States that have these background checks have a significantly lower level of gun violence.

Thanks to Po Murray from the Newtown Action Alliance group, I was made aware of the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s meeting in Washington, D.C..  Executives from the firearms and ammunition manufacturers, distributors and leading retailers are convening in Washington, D.C. to meet with members of both houses of Congress to promote their agenda.  I called Senator Lindsay Graham, Senator Kelly Ayotte and Representative Paul Ryan and asked them to support background checks not the corporate gun lobby which NSSF represents.  Please call 202 2243121 and ask them to support background checks.  Let your voice be heard.  We can not let organizations such as NSSF out shout us with Congress to get their way.  Gun violence prevention is too important to our country.