March for Our Lives in Wilmington, NC on March 24, 2018

by Guncontroltoday

Representing Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Judy and I along with a couple of dozen other people holding Mom Demand Action signs participated in the March for Our Lives sponsored by high school students in the community. Many thanks to Bonnie MacGlaudlin who helped hold the Moms Demand Action banner throughout the March and speeches. The turnout exceeded the expectations and estimates put the crowd at over 2000. The students gave rousing speeches with enormous cheers from the crowd. They are motivated because they feel their lives are at stake. And they are mad!! They clearly stated that common sense gun violence prevention legislation needs to be passed and they blame elected officials like Tom Tillis, Richard Burr and David Rouzer who were mentioned by name. Specific amounts of money given to each of these elected officials by the NRA were specified. The students could not understand why guns are held in higher regard than their lives. Some very eloquent and impassioned comments were made indicating that the students regard arguments from the NRA about the second amendment as pure BS. The students believe their right to live far outweighs any such thoughts. Specific recommendations included raising the age limit to 21 to purchase a gun, universal background checks for all firearm purchases, ban assault weapons such as AR15 used in many of the school massacres and limit magazines to no more than 8 rounds. These are common sense suggestions and Congress needs to act on them to avoid further school tragedies. Will this eliminate all of them? Of course not. But it would certainly reduce them significantly. If we can make an improvement, why would we not. Let your voice be heard!! The lives of our school children are at stake. Vote out any elected official that will not support the common sense recommendations of these students.