Gun Fair and Gun Locks on Feb 18, 2018

by Guncontroltoday

The sheriff’s department here in Wilmington had given me some gun locks to distribute in the community to try and keep gun owners and their families (in particular for me their kids)  safe.   At the meetings I have attended and asked if anyone could use a gun lock, no one even owned a gun.  There was a gun fair in Wilmington, NC this weekend.  I thought that maybe it would be a good place to distribute the gun locks since I had not given out but one since I had received them.  I was not sure what kind of a response I would get talking to attendees at the gun fair.  To my surprise there was a very positive response by all those I greeted and offered a gun lock for free if they had a gun in the home and would use it.  I was able to distribute all that I had within fifteen minutes.  Even more encouraging was the fact that all of the people I approached who were there with children already had gun locks or a locked cabinet.  Even many of those who did not need one because they already had locks for their guns were very thankful for the effort to dispense gun locks to those who needed them.  Overall a very positive experience that will be repeated at the next gun fair.  Wilmington has a couple each year and it definitely is a place to reach gun owners.


Be safe and let your voice be heard.  Please vote for gun sense candidates at your local elections.