Firearms Not Permitted Campaign in Wilmington, NC

by Guncontroltoday

Guns and alcohol are a bad mix and on Jan 24, 2013, we began a campaign to ask restaurants that serve alcohol and bars to post a sign indicating ” Firearms Not Permitted”  Many establishments have posted such signs for which we are very grateful.  We have had some success and have learned much regarding the type of sign that may be acceptable.  We are currently modifying our sign to make it smaller and very easy to interpret by using a a circle with a line through it over a gun and the words ” Guns Not Allowed”.  Interestingly, almost all of the managers want to have the signs posted but some owners won’t allow it.  To our delight there is another individual whom we do not know representing North Carolinians Against Gun Violence that has also approached many of the locations to post such a sign.  We will continue our campaign to try and address all alcohol serving locations in Wilmington.  We have had some limited success to-date and look forward to more in the future.