Visit to Representative Mike McIntyre’s Leland Office on Oct 15, 2013

by Guncontroltoday

Today I made a trip to Leland to find the local office of Representative Mike McIntyre.  After it was found, I went in and met one of his staff, Roselie.  She was very welcoming and talked to me at length regarding the pros and cons of gun violence prevention legislation.  I was able to encourage her to ask Representative McIntyre to support the following legislation:

H.R. 1565 the King/Thompson bill

S 1290 – Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act of 2013

H. R. 2648 – Keeping Guns from High Risk Individuals Act

H. R. 1914 – Preventing Victims of Stalking Act of 2013

H. R. 1117 – Domestic Violence Survivors Protection Act 

She agreed to help me at least have a phone conversation directly with Representative McIntyre.  She indicated he is very willing to visit with constituents but it is difficult to set it up with his schedule.