Support Moms Demand Action

by Guncontroltoday

Today is the day to call your representatives and make them aware of the 9 women killed each week by gun violence from an intimate partner.  Request their support in passing common sense legislation to braoden background checks that will help this situation.  I have attempted today to make the calls and , due to the government shutdown, only was able to leave a message for both Senators Hagan and Burr.  Representative McIntyre had a full mailbox and I could not even leave a message at his Washington, DC office.  I was able to get through to a voicemail at his Leland office (9103991134) and did leave a message there.

Let’s do what we can to support this effort from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and try to get legislation passed that will make women safer.

Jenn Hoppe also sent out an e-mail with a request to e-mail your Congressmen.  Use their simple format to easily send a very well written letter to each Congressman with just one click.  Go to