Firearms Not Permitted Sticker II

Firearms and Alcohol Do Not Mix

Firearms Not Permitted Sticker in Window

Firearms and Alcohol Do not mix Well

Washington Monument

Demonstration at White House

New York from Jersey Side

Took a ferry from financial center in NY to Paulus Hook, NJ and then onward.

New York Lincoln Center

New York

New York Times Square

New York

First Day Accomplished - Stamford

An exciting day with the kick-off and reaching Stamford. Yes, a few aches and pains but nothing that 3 Advil, 4 band aids, and 2 cold compresses could not handle ( thank you Sally Rogol for your hospitality and first aid in Stamford ). But first we had an absolutely wonderful meal and company at the Hodson’s ( thank you Jim, Dee, Sophie and Abby ) the night before to prepare us for our march. Thank you for the warm hospitality and welcome.

Participants at Kick-off

Thanks to Newtown Action Alliance for the turn out and those who started the march with us.

Kick-off at Sandy Hook Firehouse

John and Judy with Newtown Selectman Jim Gaston

Sandy Hook Firehouse with 26 Stars for Those Lost

20 small stars for the children and 6 large stars for the heroes