Activities in Last 2 Years

by Guncontroltoday

The pandemic has limited some of the normal events that we have participated in during the past few years. There still have been many, many phone calls and letters written to US Senators, US Representatives and North Carolinian legislators. Donations have gone to Moms Demand Action, Newtown Action Alliance and North Carolinians Against Gun Violence. We have worn orange on Wear Orange days, participated in an awareness campaign at the General Assembly building in Raleigh with the North Carolina Counsel of Churches and had meaningful discussions with friends, neighbors and relatives. The objective is to keep kids safe by storing guns safely, demonstrating safe behavior, asking if guns are present and how they are stored, recognizing the risks of a change in behavior that could lead to gun violence or suicide, and, tell everyone about these points that can reduce and avoid gun violence. I have become a single issue voter and urge all who are concerned about the epidemic of mass gun murders in this country to vote for gun sense candidates whichever party they are associated with. BE SMART and VOTE!!!