“Firearms Not Permitted” Sticker Requests

by Guncontroltoday

Through a Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America meeting in Wilmington, NC, a Moms member learned of the campaign to place “Firearms Not Permitted” stickers on restaurants and bars.  This member,Mary Beth,  recently asked if she could obtain 10 of these for a friend who owns a retail store in downtown Wilmington.  This owner had an experience where someone came into her store open carrying a firearm.  She was mortified and could not believe this person needed this type of weapon to go shopping.  She discussed this with some of the other businesses in the neighborhood and sought out a possible remedy to avoid this happening again.  This episode was scary for her and her customers.  Mary Beth indicated her friend and several of the adjoining businesses are putting up the stickers to alert clientele that firearms are not permitted in these establishments.  Thank you Mary Beth for helping to keep us all safe while shopping in Wilmington.