Letter to the Editor

by GunControlToday

In yesterday’s Wilmington Star-News newspaper there was an article posted, written by Judy Phelps,  highlighting the Vocal Majority tour bus stop in Wilmington.   In this letter to the editor Judy outlines the purpose of the tour to “Get Out the Vote” and to vote for gun sense candidates.  She highlights that the speakers at the rally all endorsed Hillary Clinton as the only gun sense candidate running for President.  Attached for your reference is a copy of the letter sent to the paper.  Let your voice be heard!  Vote to prevent gun violence.


Printed in Star-News on Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016


Recently,  the Vocal Majority tour bus sponsored by former member of Congress Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelloy stopped in Wilmington for a news conference.

This bus has been touring  America to encourage citizens to vote for “gunsense” candidates.  There were five speakers – 4 from Wilmington – who spoke about stopping the flow of violence from offenders using illegal guns.  There were representatives from Moms in Mourning, Moms Demand Action, and several county government  elected officials.

The speakers reminded us that 91 people a day die from gun violence, adding up to 33,000 a year.  Each speaker noted that the only presidential candidate who vows to change these statistics and address the national disgrace which these numbers indicate is Hillary Clinton.  Let’s stop gun violence in our country and vote for candidates who are committed to this issue.


Judy Phelps, Wilmington


Many thanks to Judy for spreading the word of gun violence prevention during this campaign season.