Moms Demand Action Kick Off Meeting in Wilmington, NC

by Guncontroltoday

On June 2, 2016 in downtown Wilmington, NC a new chapter of Moms Demand Action was initiated.  Many thanks to Lauren, Mary Beth and Lora for spearheading this effort.  Lauren led the proceedings and is the organizer.  Mary Beth made all of the calls to get the 30 some people that joined the meeting.  It was a pleasure to meet and find out that there are many other activists who want to change the gun culture in our country and to promote gun violence prevention.  Congratulations to all that attended and thank you.  The next meeting is planned for July and at each meeting they will assign a specific purpose to help prevent gun violence.  Good job Moms!  Wilmington specifically needs all the help it can gain to prevent gun violence which is a real problem for us here as well as the whole country.

The establishment (Palate’s) where the meeting was held allowed us to place a “Firearms Not Permitted” sticker in its front window.  Baby steps, but one step at a time and maybe one state at a time until we have a safer environment in the whole country.  Congress could help but has not.  Be sure to vote this year in all of the local and national elections.  That is an opportunity to create a positive change.

Below are several pictures from the meeting.