Requesting Support from North Carolina Senators

by Guncontroltoday

In the last couple of months I have written to both Senator Tillis and Senator Burr asking them to support gun violence prevention legislation.  Both have now responded and expressed an interest in keeping guns ” out of the hands of dangerous individuals”  and keeping citizens safe.  Senator Tillis did refer to the second amendment and his unwaivering support of the rights of citizens to bear arms.  Senator Burr stated that he also is interested in ” protecting the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens”.   Senator Burr also stated his strong support for mental health issues.

The tone of these letters is much more encouraging than the last time I reached out to ask for support for gun violence prevention legislation.  It appears the efforts of all of the organizations pushing for good common sense gun violence prevention legislation is starting to have an impact on legislators.  Congratulations to all involved.  Obviously we are not there yet but the position of legislators is moving positively.  Keep up the hard work and let your voice be heard.  Many thanks to you all.