Support Moms Demand Action with the Kroger Initiative to Halt Open Carry in Stores

by Guncontroltoday

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has requested Kroger to establish a no open carry policy in all of its stores. I have signed the petition, called the headquarters and sent an e-mail to support this effort. I recommend that you do the same to stop the dangers of open carrying guns in stores where everyone shops, particularly women and children. My statement to Kroger was that I would walk out of any store if I saw an open carried weapon. Who knows the intent of such a person and the fact that a gun of any kind is available leads me to the conclusion it could be used. I do not want to be any where near a Kroger store that allows this type of activity. We have switched our buying patterns from the local Harris Teeter ( owned by Kroger ) to Trader Joe’s and Food Lion until Kroger gets some gun sense. Please support this effort to help prevent gun violence in our country.