Additional Activities on Sept 17, 2013

by Guncontroltoday

Due to the horrific events at the Washington Navy Yard, the hearing scheduled by Senator Durbin on “Stand Your Ground” was postponed from 10 am Sept 17 to an unspecified date and time.  While disappointed that I could not attend this hearing, I did take the opportunity to visit Senator Hagan’s, Senator Burr’s and Representative McIntyre’s offices to urge each to support gun violence prevention legislation.  The events of the previous day only highlighted in my mind the importance of pursuing improved gun violence prevention legislation.  It is sad to think that one of the factors allowing Alexis to obtain a gun is the 1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act which made it more convenient for gun buyers.  According to Kristen Rand, the legislative director at the Violence Policy Center,  “The convenience of the gun owner always seems to trump the right of victims not to be shot”.  This must change.  Let Your Voice Be Heard!