Next Steps

by Guncontroltoday

Yesterday I tried to call health policy director for Senator Richard Burr to discuss the basic reason for his not voting for expanded background checks.  A voice mail answered the call and I left a message for Anna Abram and Margaret Coulter , health policy assistant.  The purpose was and will be to review the thinking behind this basis for not voting for  broader background checks.  If I do not hear from them by next Tuesday,  I will try again.

Today I wrote letters to both Senator Burr and Senator Hagan thanking them for the audience we were given in their offices at the end of our march and again encouraging each to reconsider their support of gun violence prevention legislation.  Senator Hagan did vote for expanded background checks saying it was common sense.  I encouraged her to consider new definitions for assault weapons to define ones she could support.  I encouraged Senator Burr who did not vote for expanded background checks on the basis that  mental health candidates would not seek help because they would be on record due to background checks.  i adked him to reconsider his position.  A psychologist indicated if they are concerned about being on record they would never seek help in any case.   I look forward to a constructive discussion on this topic.  Both Senators staffs have been recommended to review the recently passed gun violence prevention bill passed in the state of Connecticut.  It is a common sense bill with very good definitions of assault weapons, magazine limitations and background checks that is reasonable and a public safety responsibility.