Tenth and Final Day of March

by Guncontroltoday

Image An amazing finish to a long trek.  Our son Adam walked the whole way into DC with us.  We met friends Barbara and Charlie Brooks along the way and we all marched through DC together.  At the White House we joined a demonstration for gun control and met some terrific people lead by a dynamic, warm Linda.  Check out the fabulous signs they made in our pictures.  They are at the White House every Monday.  Great effort.  When we arrived at the Capitol Building we were met by Jenn Hoppe, her adorable daughter Caroline and Chris Gregory from Moms Against Violence.  A very special greeting.  Chris spent much time with us and helped us learn how to get around in the Senate buildings.  Thanks Chris for the tutorial.  Another Maryland group led by Sylvia also met us there after contacting me this morning when she heard we would be arriving at the Capitol Building around noon.  It was amazing to meet and get to hear the efforts of others advocating against gun violence.  All in all a very rewarding and overwhelming day and conclusion to our march.  But be assured the march is the begining not the end of our efforts.