Be Smart Tabling at Local PTA Events

Thanks to a Be Smart presentation given by John Yalch from Raleigh to the annual New Hanover County PTA Association in August, several opportunities were created to do Be Smart tabling at Ogden Elementary and Castle Hayne Elementary schools.  With the help of Judy Phelps, Barbara Brooks and Ashley Bissette Sumerel tabling was done at the Ogden Elementary Food Truck Night and again at the Fall Festival as well as at the Castle Hayne Elementary Fall Festival.  A big thank you to the PTA presidents of Ogden Elementary, Kate Fortun, and Castle Hayne Elementary, Summer Mehalko, for their interest in keeping kids safe and offering these opportunities.  Through these tablings we were able to contact dozens of families and discuss the Be Smart program,  hand out numerous brochures, postcards highlighting the meaning of Be Smart,  13 gun locks and dozens of Be Smart buttons.  Below are some of the pictures from our tabling events.