Recent Activities to Prevent Gun Violence

Participated in the Moms Demand Action Sept monthly meeting on the 20th.  Kaylyn, a high school student, made a presentation to the group highlighting the Walk Out at her school which she helped organize after the Parkland incident.  She provided insight to the feelings of students regarding their fears of gun violence when attending school.   She is a determined advocate for gun violence prevention and a force to be reckoned with.



Participated in a town hall meeting sponsored by high school students in Wilmington.  Several students gave speeches outlining their feelings and calling for action.  Several candidates for public offices also gave speeches and highlighted their plans to help prevent gun violence.  All of the candidates did not win but there were some close races.  Some of them did win and are now in a position to promote gun sense legislation.  Momentum is building.  Keep it going!!



Attended on Oct 18 a Domestic Violence Rally and March in downtown Wilmington.  Numerous speakers gave testimonials of the impact gun violence has had on their lives.

Made the Be Smart presentation to the group Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.  Many in this group have been affected by gun violence with their family and friends.  Some were gun owners who also understood the need for safe gun storage and handling.

Attended the North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV) in Raleigh and participated in a breakout session regarding school safety led by Becky Ceartas the NCGV Executive Director.

Attended on Dec 10 the Vigil for the victims at Sandy Hook at St. James Episcopal church sponsored by Wilmington Faiths Against Gun Violence.