Be Smart Initiative by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has had an initiative in 2018 to promote the safety of children by gun violence prevention.  Moms Demand Action created a program called Be Smart that highlights simple, easy to remember behaviors that everyone can do immediately today to prevent child gun deaths.  Smart is an acronym for :

S – secure guns in homes and vehicles ( keep guns locked, unloaded and ammunition separated from the gun )

M – model responsible behavior ( never point a gun at anyone, always assume it is loaded and never rely on the safety )

A – ask about the presence of guns and how they are secured at anyplace where your children may be going ( friends, neighbors, family )

R – recognize the risks of suicide (change in behavior, comments, depression, aggression)

T – tell others about the lessons learned from the Smart program (friends, neighbors, family)

Since being trained to give the Be Smart presentation I have had the opportunity to give it to 6 different groups and reached over 150 individuals.  The presentations have also presented the opportunity to hand out a dozen or so gun locks.  My fondest wish is that each of these people pass on some of what they learned to others and implemented the recommendations themselves.  The groups included such diverse areas as a Progressive Women’s Group in Southport, Tri County Community Collaborative, Rose Peace Montessori, Wilmington Faiths Against Gun Violence, South Brunswick Elementary and a Moms Demand Action monthly meeting in Wilmington.  If you have any interest in having the Be Smart presentation given to a group you are involved in, please let me know at  If we are all SMART together we can help eliminate child gun deaths.