March for Our Lives Students Hold Town Hall Meeting with Kyle Horton and Private Meeting with US Rep. David Rouzer

The March for Our Lives students led by Kaylyn and Vivian sponsored a Town Hall meeting on April 7, 2018 and invited Dr Kyle Horton and Rep. David Rouzer to participate.  Dr. Horton accepted and had an opportunity to present her views on gun violence prevention in our schools and to answer questions from the students and the general audience.  Rep. David Rouzer declined to have such a public discussion on his views on this very important topic to save the lives of our students.  He did agree to a private meeting at his office held on May 3, 2018 with just the students present.  While Kyle Horton expressed publically her support for not arming teachers, banning assault weapons and bump stocks,  David Rouzer continued his rhetoric from the NRA regarding 2nd amendment rights preventing him from protecting the rights of students to feel safe in their schools.  He also thinks more guns in schools would keep the students safer.  I guess when you are receiving the kind of financial support from the NRA that Rouzer is you are obligated to put forth its agenda even at the risk of student’s lives.  It is a disgrace and the cure is to vote him and those elected officials like him out of office.  

Let your voice be heard in November!!

See pictures of Dr Kyle Horton, the students and the crowd at the Town Hall below along with the students and their supporters at Rouzer’s office meeting.

Dr. Kyle Horton addressing student’s questions at town hall

Notice sign prohibiting firearms to keep Rouzer safe but no such concern for the students