Meeting with Rep Rouzer’s Staff on Gun Violence Prevention on 10/19/17

A group representing Mom’s Demand Action (Barbara Brooks, Lindsay Murray, Sandy Hardesty and I) went to the office of Rep David Rouzer in New Hanover County, NC and had a good discussion with Chance Lambeth, Deputy District Director for Rep Rouzer, on several pieces of legislation impacting gun violence prevention .

The first was HR 38 that involves concealed carry reciprocity.  It was explained that North Carolina has fairly good concealed carry laws.  HR 38 would open up the citizens of NC to the lowest standards in all states, some of which do not require background checks, training or any permit whatsoever.  It was pointed out that this would not make citizens of North Carolina safer but the contrary.

The next topic revolved around silencers and HR 367 and HR 3668.  This legislation would effectively make it easier for domestic abusers and violent criminals to have access to silencers.  This is not in the best interest of North Carolina.   Furthermore, it would make the difficult job of law enforcement officers even more difficult since the warning noise of a gunshot would be suppressed and the direction from which a shot came would be much more difficult to assess.

We asked that Rep Rouzer vote no on these pieces of legislation when and if they ever come up for a vote.

Call or write your government representatives today and make them aware of your concerns and wishes regarding this type of legislation.  Let your voice be heard!  And remember to vote for those candidates that demonstrate an understanding of the severity of the gun violence epidemic in this country and are willing to pass legislation that will help prevent it not encourage it.